Monday, October 22, 2012


It's fall y'all! My favorite season is here & I'm so happy!
Things I love:
Pumpkin doughnuts from Please & Thank You.
Warm Cafe Miele's from Sunergos.
Making leaf angels with Ryder.
Wearing flannel.
Celebrating Carol's birthday.
Eating pumpkin rolls for three days straight at the St. James Art Show.
Putting my wool socks on every morning. 
Walking the pups & stopping to smell the colors of the ever changing trees.
Making soup & eating grilled cheese at least four times a week. 
Yep. I'm seriously so thankful fall is here & I can layer up. 


Today's Letters said...

things i love: shared pumpkin rolls in yose and gyro's with extra tzatziki sauce. you're amazing!

Molly Roberson said...

Em- you're the best! Come to Lou so we can do all things fall together. Yea no big deal just get here

Melanie Duke said...

This photo is so good I can practically feel Ryder's furrrrrrrrr. #impressed