Thursday, October 18, 2012

san francisco

San Francisco was good to us!
We were able to see Ben Howard at The Filmore. 
It was the best concert I've ever been to! So. Much. Talent. 
We spent the day wandering around the city with no particular plan in mind.
City Lights Bookstore was a must because of all the stories Benj had told me. 
It was an adventure for sure, we saw some really interesting people along the way.  
We stumbled upon Cafe Trieste, shared a latte & a slice of German chocolate cake.
After the cafe we went over to pier39 to see the sea lions--best decision ever. 
There's no one I'd rather get lost with, in a crazy big city, than Em--thanks for being so easy girl!


Today's Letters said...

YES to getting lost in a big ass city with you! we stumbled upon the greatest places and people. fancy orchid man? my fav. almost as good as bearded cutie at city lights. not to mention 39 pier ... so much better than pier 39 ;) Grateful for you sweet Molls!

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog and I adore your sense of adventure and your photos are wonderful!

Courtney P said...

We live just south of the city now and LOVE it! Glad you enjoyed it too!

Molly Roberson said...

Em-keep getting lost with me my girl! I loved every minute of it. Next time let's do the coffee crawl!

Bridget-Thanks girl! That encourages me so much!

Court-I heard that through the grapevine! That's amazing that you live there now! Why so cool??!

Sian Therese said...

This girl from Aus LOVES San Francisco and dreams of returning someday. I went to the City Lights Bookstore, amazing place and met an original Woodstock hippy with an almost toothless grin who walked around the city with me for a few hours, showed me all sorts of things and shared amazing stories. Oh, what a city!