Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I've always been drawn to creativity & working with my hands. Jumping in the dirt on a cool May morning & throwing seeds in the soil is my go-to. 
I've dabbled in beekeeping, urban chicken farming, videography, furniture restoration, & lately slinging clay. 
I am so inspired by those who work with their hands to create something from ordinary materials. 
The simplest things get me excited--seeing a seed turn into a seedling and then transform into a cuke that is harvested, pickled, & saved for later enjoyment when you want a taste of spring. 
The patience you can learn from simple crafts is a lesson that can't be taught but only experienced. 
My sweet friend Bek is an inspiration. She's talented in so many ways but one that I am truly impressed by are her sewing skills. 
She can create masterpieces out of vintage fabrics & recycled leathers.
The art is something I'll always admire because it is so far from any of my natural abilities--I can just walk into her studio & watch her work. 
I don't take notes, I just watch as she uses her gifts to create. 
I stand there inspired, challenged, & encouraged.