Saturday, April 28, 2012


a seam is a union
separate parts become one piece
where two meet
there is a knitting-together, a bonding
a knot tied against severance

seam is the second of a series of short films I am making.

Friday, April 27, 2012


ferns are my favorite & I am so excited to bring mine out for spring this week.
all about ferns:
  • Ferns belong to a group of plants called featherplants or pteridophytes, along with club mosses and horsetails.
  • Coal is made largely of fossilized featherplants of the Carboniferous Period.
  • There are now 10,000 species of fern living in damp, shady places around the world.
  • Fern leaves are called fronds. When new they are curled up like a shepherd’s crook, but they gradually uncurl over time.
  • Ferns grow into new plants not from seeds but from spores in two stages.
  • First spores are made in sacs called sporangia. These are the brown spots on the underside of the fronds. From these spores spread out. Some settle in suitable places.
  • Second spores develop into a tiny heart-shaped plant called a prothallus that makes male and female cells. When bathed in rain, the male cells swim to the female cells, fertilizing them. A new root and stem then grow into a proper fern frond and the tiny prothallus dies.
  • more fern facts
  • i love ferns. 
  • there's a funny show with Zach Galifianakis: between two ferns

Thursday, April 26, 2012

beekeeping adventures


last night Bekah & I decided to open up a hive that hadn't been touched in 4 years.
we initially wanted to split the hive.
when we opened the honey super there were thousands of bees in it & what looked to be queen activity.
yes, we got stung.
yes, we are crazy.
yes, i wore shorts (so smart).
we ended up leaving the 2 deep brood boxes and just hauled the shallow super.
the rest of the split will happen another time.
i've never had such an adrenaline rush!
it was one of the best & most hilarious nights.
thanks Bekah for being awesome.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


stonehenge rocks.

The tour to stonehenge was 14 pounds for the bus ride and 6 pounds to enter the actual site. We decided that was overpriced and we wanted a cheaper way. So instead, that beautiful May morning, we took a train to Salisbury, which turned out to be a cute little city, then we hopped onto a bus to Aimesbury. At Aimesbury we decided to walk a little over 2 miles along a highway to Stonehenge. We saved about 20 pounds and we got to enjoy the beautiful country side of England while we walked.
I love this memory & the cute look Ben had on his face as he finally experienced what he had read in all of his favorite books.  

Friday, April 20, 2012

good life

good good good.
back to running after bicycle accident--feels so good!
drinking lots of goat milk chai lattes on the porch.
made goat cheese (chevre) with Bekah--then sat on a hammock for 2 hours. 
Kola ate her first ice cream dog treat (she was obsessed) & it made her breath smell like blueberries!
eggs are everywhere--our neighbors are buying some from us. 
maple bacon is a staple in the Roberson diet. 
sleepy Ryder gets lots of kisses in front of the azalea.
tonight we are playing soccer in the park with our friends! 

what are you doing over the weekend?  

photographer of movement

Eadweard Muybrige.
Expatriate Englishman. 
For more go here
picture source
i found some old notes that i wrote in November.

morning glory

watch these beautiful flowers unfurl in the morning sun.  
see them in all their glory during the early hours. 
these flowers just last for a single morning and die in the afternoon.
learn more
picture source

Wednesday, April 18, 2012