Friday, April 6, 2012

bucket list

last night Ben was rummaging through an old drawer & found the bucket list we made together back in 2008
we made the list while eating Osaka & it was written on the sushi order form. 
so here it is:
1. climb Kilimanjaro (JAMBO)
2.. hike 200 miles or more in one trip
3. have a baby
4. go to all 7 continents
5. fish in Alaska
6. go fly fishing
7. get a tattoo
8. live in another country for 6 months or longer
9. learn a language (fluently)
10. own a dog its whole life
11. ride a motorcycle
12. run a marathon
13. read Moby Dick
14. read the whole Bible
15. have sex on a plane
16. see all 50 states
17. eat sushi in Japan
18. go sailing
19. sleep on the Great Wall of China
20. walk barefoot over hot coals
21. go to the White House
22. get a phD
23. shotgun a beer
24. go white water kayaking
25. go on a horseback camping trip
26. write a book
27. own more than 1 acre
28. have a food & flower garden
29. adopt a child
30. be a bridesmaid
31. try absinthe
32. stay with a family in a 3rd world country in a rural area
33. ski the Alps
34. drink my own pee
35. make a million dollars and give it away
36. dive the Great Barrier Reef
37. get something published
38. see Victoria Falls
39. attend the Olympics
40. go to a siblings wedding
41. make something tangible(Molly)
42. score under 100 golfing
43. see the Cliffs of Moher
44. ride a bike 100 miles
45. go to the World Cup finals
46. play the lottery
47. kill an animal--skin it , gut it, & eat it
48. hike to Everest's base camp
49. do an adventure race
50. be married for 50 years


PJ said...

I am proud to have been apart of #23.

Molly Roberson said...

YES! What a great night! You're the best Paul.