Sunday, April 15, 2012

life lately

so many good things. 
Ryder & Kola are obsessed with eggs so we give them afternoon snacks & its helping their coats.
Whoopi is still brooding so we've been showing her some extra love.
new traditions have come about--Friday night soccer in the park with really cool people!
the Flea Off Market was yesterday & we got to go with Carol Anne, Bekah, & her two sweet boys Tristan(he's on Ben's shoulders) & Collin.
i got a new home for my cactus finally--an art student from Indiana made the cute pot. 
Ryder loves sleeping on my body lately.
my friend Ashley sent me the sweetest note in the mail with honey recipes and that cute bee pin--thanks sweet girl!
i keep obsessively eating pistachios--it makes me think of the Lisa Hannigan song "Pistachio"

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