Monday, September 24, 2012


across the foamy heads of breakers
through alders
along roads ground to gravel
by ice fleeing a late Spring
into the company
of creatures better suited for water than land
and strangers offering parentage and brotherhood
to the wanderer
lost and found
at home in the world

wild things.

-Maurice Sendak

Friday, September 21, 2012


Ate dinner by the river with Benj & laughed a lot.
Shot a video of Jaclyn at Hermitage Farm.
Spent quality time with my amazing friend Em.
Happy Friday Y'all!

the photos of me are by: Whitney Neal

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We leave on Tuesday for my favorite city, Asheville North Carolina. 
Camping two nights & cabin living for two nights.
We will be spending the majority of our time in the river. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This week I haven't been able to quit thinking about climbing Mt.Rainier
That led me to remember our amazing time in Seattle.
Not only is that city full of good food, amazing people, & local artists, 
but it is surrounded by ocean & mountains that leave me overwhelmed & thankful.
Things I remember:
Arriving at 3am feeling confused & hungry so we ended up eating at IHop. 
Spent our mornings waking up to drizzling rain.
Meeting cool people at Pike Place Market.
Kayaking on the Puget Sound & seeing otters swim next to us.
Watching my cousin Nicole get married.
Going to a fair to celebrate Independence Day.
Eating the best salmon of my life that had been caught fresh that morning. 
Taking a ferry to British Columbia & riding mopeds all along the ocean road.
My uncle Steve driving us up the coast.
Seeing the biggest cedar trees of my life & skipping rocks while exploring random beaches. 
Watching Sarah stop & smell the roses. 
Day hiking in Rainier.
Eating amazing pizza & laughing at my hilarious family.
Walking in the Olympic Mountains. 
Feeling really happy, inspired, & content. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

bernheim forest.

Days like today remind me to find joy in the simple things. 
My sweet friend Bek & I spent the day exploring Bernheim Forest
 with her adorable little ones, Tristan & Collin
Happy Friday Friends! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Self Portrait

Over the past 5 months I've had the privilege of getting to know Tim through his amazing wife, Em.  
I am inspired by him & his pursuit for his wife, his ability to write awesome letters
his love for the outdoors & adventure, & his diligence in his career as a physician assistant 
I am encouraged by how well he loves my dear friend Em & his community in Dallas. 
He can cook a legit burger & the way to impress me is to feed me well--he gets it y'all. 
Age 31
Tulsa Oklahoma 
What is your favorite childhood memory?
We used to live near a bamboo forest.  My brother and I would spend countless hours exploring the land, as if we were on a mighty expedition.  We would cut down enough shoots to make artisan-like ninja weapons and build forts that even a Green Beret would be proud of.  We had no true reason other than to dream and experience adventure.  It was a glorious time.
If you were an animal what would you be?
I would be a bald eagle.  My nest would be high upon the trees overlooking an Alaskan bay.  The day would be spent dwelling in the land and spying out salmon for the daily meal.  I would never tire of the rush I get from swooping over the water and the cool air traveling through my feathers.
What is your favorite memory of your dad?
He was family doctor who did it all.  He rounded in the hospital, worked the ER, and saw the typical patient in his office.  He would often take me on rounds, include me on procedures, or teach me about the sick people.  The most memorable experience was when I was allowed to cut the tails of suture as my dad gave a man stitches.  It felt like surgery to me.
What are you obsessed with?
Up until the last 3 months I would have said my job in the ER.  However, I was introduced to the sport of fly fishing in June because my wife wanted to spend her birthday on the White River in Arkansas.  She said, "Your present to me can be the trip and the gear for the both of us."  Ever since then, I can't stop thinking about being in the river catching some bows!
Most poignant goal for the next five years?
It would have to be starting a family and being established/rooted in a community.  Em and I are in a transitional point in life where we are ready to settle into a house and begin raising children.  So, I hope we will be within that process in the next 5 years.
What is your favorite item of clothing?
My scrubs.  They have a dual purpose as professional attire and pajamas.  Enough said.
If you could stop only one injustice what would it be?
I would stop both domestic violence and child abuse.  Often in the ER, I will see victims of both.  My heart is troubled because I can only provide these people with resources.  I believe abuse is a cycle.  The perpetrator was most likely abused by someone who abused them.  The injustice is a lack of love for one another.  I guess that's where we can make a difference.
If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
It would be in the mountains of Bavaria.  I just saw a movie that was filmed there.  It's breath-taking.
What is your favorite thing to chew?
Strange question.  It depends.  If I'm craving something sweet, it would be gum.  If savory, my answer would be beef jerky.
If you could only do one thing every day for the rest of your life what would it be?
Wow.  Another good question.  It would be the practice of emergency medicine.  I love it.  What can I say.
What is your manifesto?
Look beyond self to serve others.
When you think of adventure what comes to mind?
Fly fishing in a Montana stream next to good friends in the Fall season.

Monday, September 10, 2012

flea off market.

Flea Markets are the best.
I spent my Saturday afternoon with three of the most beautiful girls I know.
Em, Bek, & Morg--You.Are.Amazing. 

Friday, September 7, 2012


Last year I had the privilege of visiting the farm
 where my favorite cheese is made, Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese.
I've always dreamed of making my own artisan cheese & Kenny's
 was the best place to learn what really goes into making good, raw cheese. 
His story is inspirational & I was so encouraged to see a man truly love his work.