Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This week I haven't been able to quit thinking about climbing Mt.Rainier
That led me to remember our amazing time in Seattle.
Not only is that city full of good food, amazing people, & local artists, 
but it is surrounded by ocean & mountains that leave me overwhelmed & thankful.
Things I remember:
Arriving at 3am feeling confused & hungry so we ended up eating at IHop. 
Spent our mornings waking up to drizzling rain.
Meeting cool people at Pike Place Market.
Kayaking on the Puget Sound & seeing otters swim next to us.
Watching my cousin Nicole get married.
Going to a fair to celebrate Independence Day.
Eating the best salmon of my life that had been caught fresh that morning. 
Taking a ferry to British Columbia & riding mopeds all along the ocean road.
My uncle Steve driving us up the coast.
Seeing the biggest cedar trees of my life & skipping rocks while exploring random beaches. 
Watching Sarah stop & smell the roses. 
Day hiking in Rainier.
Eating amazing pizza & laughing at my hilarious family.
Walking in the Olympic Mountains. 
Feeling really happy, inspired, & content. 


Today's Letters said...

next august. seattle's never gonna be the same! #rainier2013

Nicole Schauer said...

Amazing. You capture the heart of the pnw perfectly. My hubby is climbing Rainier next summer. Are you guys thinking about doing it? There is also this really beautiful trail around the mountain called the Wanderland trail, it takes quite a few days but is supposed to be really cool. Love to you sweet cousin.