Monday, September 24, 2012


across the foamy heads of breakers
through alders
along roads ground to gravel
by ice fleeing a late Spring
into the company
of creatures better suited for water than land
and strangers offering parentage and brotherhood
to the wanderer
lost and found
at home in the world


Mel Nichter said...


Timothy Loerke said...

Wow! Obvious beauty of Alaska but the video brings it all to life. Can't wait to be back in the mountains. Well done!

Meg said...

4 wheeling on the beach & fire by the water with alaskan peeps, way cool video!

Katie Bo said...

Did I go with you? NO! But did this video make me feel as if I were there? YES! AMAZING WORK. I would nominate you for an Emmy but they were last night. Next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's Letters said...

mmr, 2nd day. already watched it three times. too much goodness in this 5:17 to put into words. so so so proud of you! #halibutcove #seldovia

ALFIE said...

my heart is swelling and my body is just barely escaping the urge to run now to the north. i can hear the waves crashing at the end of this video. you've brought me a bit of alaska-- and for that i am thankful.

Carol Anne said...

What a dream. Amazing video.