Monday, September 10, 2012

flea off market.

Flea Markets are the best.
I spent my Saturday afternoon with three of the most beautiful girls I know.
Em, Bek, & Morg--You.Are.Amazing. 


lizzy said...

i just feel love through your lens, molly, and i mean that in the least corny and most profound sense imaginable. i want to hang out with you ladies.

Today's Letters said...

this day was perfect. more than free pinecones and finding the right records at the right time.

ALFIE said...

markets. of all kinds. offer such sublime greatness.

looks like your day was just the absolute best. love it!

Molly Roberson said...

Lizzy-your words are so sweet! You encourage me so much. If I were to convey one thing, I hope it would be love.

Em-more than lazy mornings & good conversations while sitting on blankets outside.

Alfie-thanks sweet girl! There was so much goodness. I am happy.