I created Homeland to inspire. 
I want to show things from the land, people, beauty, food, & community. 
I want to take things back to our roots.



His labor is a chant,

His idleness a tune;

Oh, for a bee's experience

Of clovers and of noon!

allowing some freedom to move within limits
a discourse between mountains.
I have stepped into streams
As softly as a child
In a graveyard.
Ripples explode
Where skin meets water
And disperse on bated breath
As the morning sun burns away
The gravestone's ghostly sheen.

yesterday we lived
today we remembered
we lived again

across the foamy heads of breakers
through alders
along roads ground to gravel
by ice fleeing a late Spring
into the company
of creatures better suited for water than land
and strangers offering parentage and brotherhood
to the wanderer
lost and found
at home in the world

I have pressed myself; 
Shoulderblades and footbones 
Levered between a rock 
And a hard place.
 Like a canary in a coal mine, 
I have sensed the closing in, 
Felt the pressure, 
And flown away with a flash 
Of yellow wings.
a seam is a union 
separate parts become one piece 
where two meet there is a knitting-together, 
a bonding a knot tied against severance
endeavor: an attempt to achieve a goal. 


Kathie said...

I'm so very glad to have the beauty and inspiration here.

Molly Roberson said...

Kathie--I am so encouraged by you. Thank you for your sweet comment.

justin m said...

Thank you...

Lindsay B said...

You videos are beautiful. Do you mind if I ask what camera you are using?

Molly Roberson said...

Hey Lindsay! Thanks so much! I use a canon 7D with an 18-135mm lens. I shoot everything in RAW.

Anonymous said...

Your videos are lovely. Can you tell me about the music in each? Very, upbeat, soothing, contemplative, happy, peaceful......thank you. Nancy (SF fan)

Molly Roberson said...

Thanks Nancy! I just pick a song that has a beat that I like for the flow of the video. Most of it just comes from my personal collection but I will occasionally find stuff from Pandora or Spotify!

Dana Lauren said...

Love the videos. What do you use to edit?

Molly Roberson said...

Thank you so much Dana. I edit everything in Final Cut.

Jessica said...

These are truly inspiring. My favourites are Odyssey and Pression - they really make me want to put on my hiking boots and head outdoors!

Jenny said...

You are a blessing! Thank you for sharing your friends, your family, your gift!