Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Last week we went to Asheville with Tim & Em.
We spent two nights in a tent & two nights in a cabin.
Everything about this trip was easy & amazing.
Highlights include:
All four of us sleeping in the same tent next to the South Mills River.
Making backcountry bacon & pancakes.
Sharing a Punkin Ale with Em.
Watching the boys hunt fish- YES Tim caught a wild brown & it was awesome.
Throwing rocks at a giant black snake in the middle of a trail.
Sharing a jar of pickles.
Staying up late & laughing. 
 Going to French Broad Chocolate Lounge four times in 28 hours.
Walking around the city with Em while Ben learned about flies & Tim interviewed for a job.
Fishing on the Davidson twice. 
Watching Em catch crazy wild fish.
Ben catching a beautiful 15in trout with his three weight.
Pulling in a big rainbow trout in the dark. 
Road tripping home.
So. Much. Goodness. 


Caitlyn Dougher said...

Are you on couchsurfing? I feel like you should be! I've done some couchsurfing around the world and it is a wonderful experience! You make me want to visit Louisville, I absolutely love your outlook on life :)

Today's Letters said...

Best trip. EVER. love you sweet friend! more than shared pumpkin ale at 3am and watching you land a 15" bow in the dark. you're amazing.

Molly Roberson said...

Caitlyn-Thanks girl! I'm not on couchsurfing but that is definitely something I am interested in! Louisville is a blast, you'd really love this city.

Em-more than shared carrot cake & thermarests that make you crave Lays.