Friday, October 19, 2012


Last Saturday we hung out with Sarah in her Airstream at Flowerland Nursery.
We watched her amazingness as she pulled shots, made pour over, & connected with her regulars.
I loved walking through the nursery, seeing succulents I've
never heard of before, meeting Berkeley locals, & hanging out with the shop pup.
After drinking two cappuccinos & sharing homemade biscuits & doughnuts we made our way to Napa.
We stopped at V.Sattui Winery, sampled baller cheeses, tasted insanely good wine,
& shared the best chocolate espresso cake I've ever had!
Oh. My. Wow.
I'm really thankful for the time I had in Cali, it was so easy & effortless.
Sweet Em & Sarah spoiled me rotten & made me feel so welcome.
Thanks for being the best. 


Today's Letters said...

That chocolate espresso cake. OH MYYYY. #dreamy

Molly Roberson said...

That day was the most peeerfect!