Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Last week I went to Cali with my sweet friend Em to visit her twinner Sarah
We mainly stayed in Berkeley but we were able to get out & do some exploring. 
We went on a little road trip to Yosemite for a hiking & camping extravaganza!
Me & Em really wanted to hike to Half Dome. 
They took the cables down two days before we got there so we set out for Sub Dome. 
We made it 4.5 miles up & were abruptly stopped by rain so we headed back down the mountain.
It was one of the most peaceful hikes I've ever been on. 
There were barely any hikers but the ones we did run into were the nicest. 
We had the opportunity to share some amazing stories & laughs. 
I've been to a lot of national parks but Yose was definitely put on my list of places to go back.
We want to go there, stay a month, & take a rock climbing class.
Who's in? 


Today's Letters said...

Such a great hike! We must return and hug the sheet out of that mountain. #soonmyfriend

Melanie Duke said...

Take me. Then I'll return the favor and take you to Indo to climb Mt. Kerinci. Deal? Good.

Meg said...

my husband googles climbing & half dome on a regular basis.

lizzy said...

i'll join you. i dream about hiking and rock climbing day and night. learning to love my everyday that doesn't currently hold those things.

Molly Roberson said...

Em-Yes to 5am mornings & taking a rock climbing class on el cap.

mel-huddle needs to do a baller mountain adventure! summer 2013? #yeeessss

Meg-you gotta go girl! It's insane. You'd just fall in love. The best time to do half dome is in July!

Lizzy-Yes to joining me! hiking is the best!

Carrie said...

Me! I've been to lots of National Parks, but have yet to make it to Yosemite. Hiking, mountains, camping...count me in.

Lindsey Wagner said...

I love these photos! Which actions did you use to edit them?? I have totally rad but I can never achieve that faded/filmy look. Thanks so much! :)

Molly Roberson said...

Carrie-you're totally in! YOSE is amazing!

Lindsey-Thank you so much!!! VSCO CAM is the only thing I use, it's magical.