Saturday, March 3, 2012

The List

I thought it would be fun to make a list of things I love so you can get to know me a little better. The idea was good but then when I got down to making an actual list it was kind of hard. I don't really like "things" as much as I like experiences & moments. So here is a short list with a few things & activities I like with some dreams of mine thrown in there.

Every morning I start it off right--coffee. 

My favorite meal is breakfast & my favorite thing to wear is a nice pair wool socks. 

Smart wool or Wigwam are a must.

The goal is to have land someday. 

I would love to have lamb & use their wool to make my own socks. 
Just a dream.

I live off of cottage cheese. 

It is essential to my daily routine.
The first chicken I was ever given was a Rhode Island Red.
 I named her Posie. 
I never thought I would get a rooster but I am glad I did.
 I like him. 
His name is Juicer.

My favorite thing to do is garden. I hope to have one like this someday.

Greenhouses are the best.

Harvesting what you grow is so rewarding. 

Tomatoes are my favorite thing to grow & eat. 

Bees are my next project.


Raw honey.

The best Kentucky honey is Hosey Honey-it helps fight allergies.

I love beer & the Louisville Beer Store has so many good choices.

Dogfish Head is best. 

Cheese is a huge part of my diet. 

Capriole goat cheese is a must. 
It's local y'all!

I hope to make cheese from their milk!

Frye boots--I wear them all the time. 
They are the most durable & comfortable shoes I own. 

I am a sucker for thrifted flannel shirts. 
They are one of my go to comforts. 

S'mores & campfires are two of my favorite things.

Kayaking on the Puget Sound.

Hiking with friends at the Gorge is a regular event.
This is my amazing friend Morgan looking like a prAna model.

I could hike everyday.
This is in Montana in Glacier National Park.

The only hiking boots I'll ever wear.
 My feet have never been happier than when I am wearing my Keen boots on a long excursion.
This was taken in the Grand Tetons on Jackson Lake.
I am an avid NPR listener & Radio Lab is by far the best show on the air. 
I have listened to every episode ever produced & it brings me so much joy. 
Thank you Jad Abumrad & Robert Krulwich.

I am obsessed with local food!
I try to eat seasonally and support our amazing farm to table restaurants.

Harvest is one of the best.
I normally go to dinner there but they do serve a mean sunday brunch!

Rye on Market is a new place & it has been surprisingly delightful. I've already been there three times & I can't enough of their delicious food. I highly recommend their fried chicken & their dark & stormy.

 All of these places are amazing.
I could go on & on but maybe I'll save that for another blog post.

Saving the best for last!
Ben is definitely number one on my favorite's list.

While doing this post I realized there are so many things I love so I will definitely be doing another list sometime in the near future.

ps- I took some of the pictures on this post but I also pulled several of them from the internet & I do not know the source, sorry about that. 


Hannah. said...

i love all this stuff too! i definitely need to do some more exploring in louisville...those places look awesome.

wanderlost said...

YES! Louisville has so much to offer--whether you're into good food, pretty parks, or amazing art, there is so much variety in this city.

Today's Letters said...

posie and juicer. why are you so effing cute? ps, let's go to four pegs already!!! xo