Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Goodness

I love weekends! I wish they lasted a little longer but we've always done our best to live it up on those two special days. This past weekend was so great. We got to spend a lot of time with friends!

We went to Bekah's
Ate pizza 
Ben somehow made a campfire with wet wood
Ate s'mores
It was absolutely perfect!

We ate breakfast with Morgan at Toast
Ben began building my beehives
We scored 7 free rain barrels from the neighborhood association
I met another neighbor (Jen) who offered to give me some of her raspberry bushes
Sam & Adam walked over for a mid-afternoon visit
We met up with a bunch of people at Four Pegs to watch the UK game 
Celebrated St.Patty's day

We slept in
We ate breakfast with Adam & Sam at North End Cafe & Ben ate his usual Cheddar Bacon Pancakes.
I took a serious nap in my yard on a tarp
Ben continued hive building
It was a gorgeous day so we walked the dogs
Ben kept building so I went to Whole Foods
We went to Sojourn at 7
We ate dinner with our friends at Uncle Maddio's

Did I mention that I love weekends? They are AMAZING!!!

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