Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Have you guys heard about the amazing new app called INSTAGRAM?!

Just recently (48 weeks ago) I downloaded it, realized it wasn't just an editing tool (thanks Morg!), and magic ensued baby!

There are plenty of filters to choose from depending on your mood...You don't need the sun you have Valencia, Rise, or, Toaster. Are you feeling vintage today?  Use 1977, Nashville, or my personal fav Earlybird. 

You can even blur the edges of your photos--things just got crazy y'all.

If you're feeling "hip" you can take a pic of your latte art, the newest book your reading, your dog, or whatever cool thing is happening that day & post it.
What's more: You can "like" all the pictures you want, your followers can "like" you back, and if you're bored...you have THE POPULAR PAGE!!!

Instagram is the best!

The coolest pics I've ever taken have been with Instagram--here are just a few...

Don't worry...I am not this cool. It's all thanks to Instagram.

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