Tuesday, July 17, 2012

bacon & bones

 Things have been pretty strange around home lately. Mom and Dad went somewhere and I stayed here. Sarah stayed with me and I tricked her a lot. For example, she didn’t know I know how to find all the food that ever existed, so I was good for a while, and then I finished it all in one morning while she was in the shower. She called me a “bidge” or something. Second of all, I realized that when it's really hot my paws get really hot walking, so I started scratching the inside of my water bowl so my feet get wet. Also, I figured out that jumping in water is very refreshing. I'm a little chunky, so I sink when I can’t really touch the bottom, but I figured out how to hang on the side, so I can chill poolside like that yo. Also, we have new neighbors. I keep barking at the man when he rides that loud bike, but other than that they seem cool.
Give me all the bacon and bones,

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