Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Picture a patagonia-clad chick and a hairy Scotsman in a flannel, being sent to Army basic training on a beautiful day in Heaven, and you'll get pretty close to our trip in Denali.
I could walk you through each spongy step over the tundra, every curve of a canyon wall, and each mangy bear we laid eyes on but you'd probably get bored (and I definitely would). Instead, here are the highlights:
-the smell of primrose and lemon balm on our first hike up mt Margaret
-the wind whipping our tent so that it sounded like an opening kite on a spring day
-being two of the few lucky people that see the mountain clearly.
-losing an iPod and getting over it because birds sing all night in Alaska.
-getting swallowed by tangled brush
-a charging caribou who changed his mind
-crossing a river that Alaskans call a creek and filling up our boots with 45* water.
-coming upon another tent 8 miles into the deep wilderness that has no trails.
- dreaming that the portal to Heaven is right through that clearing
-hearing the man from the other tent scream his head off at midnight
-seeing a white grizzly in the backcountry
-looking for grayling and reading proverbs on a stream bank
-running from a thunder storm with 45 lbs on our backs
-being offered a free ride to anchorage
-having somewhere familiar to stay with new friends when we got there.
Denali was awesome


Mel Nichter said...

Tears. Yep.

lizzy said...

i'm still holding my breath.
this is glorious!
running from storms, birds & caribou, being strong, being awed.

Today's Letters said...

love your highlights. #primrose #lostipod #chargingcaribou #stonegroundcoffee #midnightbearyell #proverbs #2amphonecall you and benj are amazing. so proud to know you two. xxoo #ps, yes.

annie-san said...

Why was the man screaming? Do tell...

Anonymous said...

What type of camera was used for these photos? I am extremely curious! My blog is you can respond in my ask ! Thanks !

Molly Roberson said...

Mel-me too, still.

Lizzy-it was too good! You must see AK!

Em-I love that you know so much. Thanks for appreciating the details. #yes

Annie-San-The man was screaming at 1230am because a giant blonde grizzly bear was stomping around his camp. We could see it through my camera lens. Luckily The sun doesn't set in AK so we had the opportunity to watch 15 minutes of wild screaming & then the sweet relief as the bear went off into the distance. To say the least we struggled to sleep that night :)

Anony-I use a 7D canon with an 18-135 lens My main use for the camera is HD videos but I love snapping still shots too.

ALFIE said...

STOP IT!!! my wee little heart cannot take the wanderlust!!!! :)

these pictures are amazing! what a kick-butt wilderness power-couple, you two are :)

love it!


Chana said...

Can I ask where in Denali you went/camped? Traveling there with my boyfriend in a couple weeks and I'm a little overwhelmed by how huge it is! Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks :)

Molly Roberson said...

Hi Chana! We were on the East side starting out but we hopped on the camper bus (34$ a person for unlimited rides through out the park)& we decided with the ranger where we would hike/camp. The bus drove us west. You have to read a map & know coordinates because there are no trails. We stayed in sections 11, 34, & 21. You are pretty much alone once the bus drops you off which is amazing, surreal, & so peaceful. No fires allowed. Good luck friend! If you have more questions feel free to email me at

Chana said...

Thanks Molly! I'll definitely be in touch if I have more questions.

pocket rocket said...

this is beautiful! reminds me of climbing mt kenya back in highschool. there's something about the air up there. x

MB said...

Fantastic! :)

emily said...

i saw one of your pictures from mt margare on someone's tumblr, without a caption, and immediately recognized where you were. i've spent the last two summers working in denali, and am missing it really bad this year. your beautiful photos really brought me back

Meg B said...

Hi!! I found your blog through Today's Letters and am really enjoying getting to know you. My family and I went on an Alaskan cruise this past summer, so when I saw the incredible video capturing your post, I felt like immediate friends! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and trip highlights.

Molly Roberson said...

Meg! Thanks girl. We are having a blast traveling & living a simple life here in Kentucky. One of my favorite places is Alaska, I'm so glad you got to see it :)