Thursday, July 12, 2012


this time last week I was catching a ride to Homer. 
now I'm back to the grind. 
working hard but thankful for my sweet time away. 
routine is essential.


Anonymous said...

I like this. His character wasn't called Sal Paradise for nothin. The road is all.

lizzy said...

having just read of your adventures, i declared to my dad (who has a colorful history of hitchhiking in his youth) that i wanted my own hitchhiking experience? he was adamantly against it. was this your first time? were all your experiences positive?

Today's Letters said...

Wandering around with rucksacks...

Molly Roberson said...

anony-you are wise.

lizzy-If you're ever gonna hh I would say AK is the place to do it. I was with my husband & definitely had that security. He took good care of me. Our experiences were positive but not easy. We struggled to catch a ride from Anchorage to Homer. We hiked 10 miles along the highway with no luck. We did catch free rides from Denali to Anchorage & from the airport to our hostel. It's your call but I would take your pops wisdom into account.

em-you know so much.