Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Halibut Cove

A couple of days ago we went to Halibut Cove with Mike (the stud in the plaid) (I just realized we are all wearing plaid....He's the one that's not us).
We took Matt Byrd's boat across Kachemak Bay. (Who is Matt Byrd you ask? Another awesome dude who lives in Homer & lets people use his stuff for free. True to form.)
On the way across the Bay we saw about a hundred otters, some eagles, & a big island/rock where tons of gulls and puffins nest. It smelled crisp.
When we got to Halibut Cove we pulled into what I would basically compare to an ocean cul de sac--cute little houses surrounding a big cove of water, with a boardwalk connecting everything. 
Founded right after WWII, the Cove was homesteaded by three or four families and is now in its third or fourth generation (we actually brushed shoulders with Clem, the patriarch of the town!). 
During the winter, no more than 20 or so people from those families, plus a few hermit artists, live in the Cove, & during Summer the number of residents may only be 120. 
We had food and libations at the Saltry, the only restaurant, and then wandered around talking to locals & taking pictures. 
We hiked up to the top of the cove & sat over looking the town & the water. We were overwhelmed with humility & so thankful.
If you ever get the chance to visit this part of Alaska, Halibut Cove is cuter than anything ever, more unique than Cinque Terra, & only a boat-ride away from Homer.


MB said...

"It smelled crisp" - the best smell.

P.S. I started following you because you're a friend of Bekah's and I've been following her on Tumblr etc for a while. Plus I like what I see :) So hi there!

Molly Roberson said...

Hi MB! Thanks for reading. You should totally make it out to AK & smell the air--it's perfect ;)

Today's Letters said...

best boat ride conversation of my life. ps, ocean cul de sac? you're too cute! missing your guts. first night in denali. 15 days to go...

Maja said...

Your beautiful pictures make me want to pack up and go to Alaska RIGHT NOW.
Keep em coming, so I can keep swooning and dreaming :)

WilliamHudgins said...

I want more.....Hope all is well in AK land. See you guys soon.

ALFIE said...

oh girl! these posts have me seriously jonesing for the great white north! totally gearing up for a trip to homer next year! i snagged a friend who's totally excited about going too! we've been bitten by the AK bug! if michael would at all be willing to give us the insider hook-up ---- we'd be indebted to him forever :)

pass my e-mail along if you think he'd be down :)

instagram: afauls

thanks for sharing these pics. i can feel the alaska vibes all the way here in detroit.

Molly Roberson said...

Maja! Your blog is amazing! Talk about swooning, sheeesh.

Em-Please ride on boats with me forever? I.Love.You.

Will-Can't wait to squeeze your neck when I get back to the office. 15th floor Coffee date ASAP?

Alfie-You're awesome. Please come to AK! Def need to find you on INSTA! I am mollyroberson on there.

MB said...

@Molly Roberson I would love to get out to Alaska someday - it's a dream and a goal! :) Gotta smell that air!!!

Anonymous said...

I spy Panty Peeler!! Great AK Brew!!