Monday, August 15, 2011

Monster Monday: Ryder Continued

Ryder Continued

Least Favorite Things To Do: Be present during someone else's meal!-(any time we eat at the table Ryder places his head on it between our two plates and looks like a starving orphan). Be picked up-Ryder is getting very hefty and cannot stand being picked up because he feels self conscious when his belly is exposed. 

If Ryder Was A Person...: He would be big, blonde, and athletic--much like the German royalty that bred him. I picture him in a pea coat walking in the snow towards a Honey Baked Ham shop, or wearing short shorts and Ray Ban Wayfarers drawing pictures on the deck of a sail boat.

Quirks (continued): Ryder isn't a huge fan of any sketchy looking person (again true to his German Aryan ancestry) and barks a very loud, very scary bark whenever they come near the fence. Ryder gets little nicks and scratches a lot (for one, he is annoying to Kola and she punishes him, for two, he attacks chickens often and they defend themselves). Ryder can literally jump any fence (I've seen him jump over the rail of a seven foot deck), and does often.

Favorite Memories of Ryder: About a week ago Ryder surprised us all by diving head first into the pool. That was funny. Before that, my favorite and least favorite memory of him was the first time he ate a chicken. He knew he had done wrong and payed for it all night as he laid on the floor, stomach bulging, farting and burping up the nastiest egg smell I've ever encountered. 

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