Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chewsday: Wings Like Eagles

Generations ago, a proud Lakota people wandered the Great Plains of North America according to their own free will. The decisions to move their nomadic villages rested only with the weather, the season, and the migrating tendencies of the great buffalo herds. These people were proud and honorable and they were known to be stealthy warriors, great hunters, and nurturers of their extended families. In the years leading up to 1890, the government of the United States of America felt threatened by the nomadic nature of these great tribes and imposed extensive efforts to sequester them in designated areas, or reservations. Those who resisted or were perceived to resist this imposition were forced into submission or killed. The horrific Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890 on this reservation was a putrid testimonial to the over-use of military force implemented to accomplish this dominance. 
     These proud people still live on these reservations even though these designated areas of land were selected due to their undesirable nature. A difficult living, at best, was imminent for this “first Nation” as they struggled to modify their lifestyles and exist in these locations. They have existed despite every effort to weaken and dilute their rich culture. 

OK so...
In the last few years my dad has been in the process of doing some good for the Lakota people by starting a non-profit called Wings Like Eagles. As an organization, we've taken some incredible trips to the reservation, done a lot of work, and only have plans to do a lot more! The next project coming down the pipe is to refurbish the gravesite at Wounded Knee (the famous massacre that you've ever learned about in history class or will check out on Wikipedia now). Please go to wingslikeeaglesinc.org for information, and then vote for us to win the Pepsi Refresh project for a $25,000 grant to do the refurbishment. 

Vote Here! Pepsi Refresh-Wounded Knee

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