Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday Evening Post: Hammerheads

The new place of choice for Louisville hipsters is most definitely Hammerheads, located on Swan Street right in the heart of Germantown. Inconspicuously placed in the basement of an old house, in the middle of a neighborhood, perhaps the only way to distinguish Hammerheads from the surrounding shotguns is by the giant stuffed shark above the door or the constant stream of tattooed boys in skinny jeans with mad men hair cuts pushing through the door.

Known for their variety of Pale Ales and their creatively oiled French Fries--everything from sweet potato to grippo flavored, and fried in normal or truffle oil--Hammerheads is doing American food well. Served on solid cutting-board style plates, each dish is thoughtfully constructed, artistically presented, and well-made by the former sous chef of Seviche. The atmosphere is classically dive-barish, complete with a moose head (plastic and very chique) on the wall, flamingoes and christmas lights around the edges, and beachy pastel paint. Probably most striking, the patrons of Hammerheads seem to be a mix of foodies and folks who are mostly typical of Germantown--which is to say, either the aformentioned hipster variety, or the scraggly PBR (Clint Eastwood inspired) drinking Sailor Jerry types--we also saw a 10 year old boy with a feather in his hair. 

Overall, Hammerheads is about the right price for the quality of the food (around $10 per entree, side not included) and the drink selection is good. There is not a hostess so come early or ready to wait, and dress lightly...the heat of the kitchen is shared by all, especially in August. 

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