Monday, August 8, 2011

Monster Monday: Kola Continued

Kola Continued

Least Favorite Things To Do: Swim!-(any time I try and pull Kola into the pool, she scratches and wiggles like mad...eventually living up to her nickname "Kola Bear"). Be picked up-Kola is very independent and also very conscious of her age (teenage girl), so she thinks it is very uncool to be held and often reacts just as if I am throwing her in a pool (see above). Babysit Ryder-unless it is Kola's idea, playing with Ryder is her absolute least favorite thing to do...she is such a teenage girl.

If Kola Was A Person...: She would probably be Lakota- not only does her name mean "friend" in the Lakota language, but she has that same tenacity (she lived in a box for goodness sake), she loves nature more than any dog I know, and she is quite pretty. She would be a good nanny- Kola is a fierce protector, a tough disciplinarian, and also a good shoulder to cry on. She would be one of those "free trade"/ "feather in the hair" kind of girls-Kola prefers sticks and digging to Feeder's Supply toys any day. 

Quirks (continued): Kola will pee at the sight of any tall attractive guy (think Adam Ringo), often getting it on his shoes. Kola knows how to pick the lock to the front gate, but never does unless we are leaving anyway. Kola knows English...if you say car, crate, upstairs, eat, or momma she knows just where to go (momma is only used when I am mad that Molly gets to sleep in and I send her in for a surprise at 630 am.)

Favorite Memories of Kola: When Ryder was trying to learn to sit, Kola--already sitting and waiting for a treat--would push his butt to the ground with her paw so that they would both get rewarded.

Also, one Saturday morning Kola decided to get out of the yard for a little stroll. I saw her race back to the woods behind Mrs. Roth's house and knew for sure that she had fallen over the 100 foot cliff. I climbed all the way down, almost weeping (just like the kid in Old Yeller), looking for her no avail. When I gave up an hour later and came back to the house, Kola was laying on the hood of my car asleep and I couldn't blame her.

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