Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Remember Whensday: Autumn In New York

Ben and I got married before I had the chance to see a lot of the world! I'd only been over seas once before I met him and I hadn't even been to beautiful New York, New York. It was always my dream to go to the Big Apple, explore the city, eat good food, and of course fall in love. I grew up obsessing over movies that were set in the city (An Affair to Remember) and most of my favorite shows take place there (Felicity and Friends). So like Ben always does, he took the first opportunity to make that dream come true! In 2007 on our fall break we boarded a plane and set off to our big city adventure. Our to-do list was very long so naturally we stayed in the most conveinant location--a gorgeous old hotel in the heart of Manhattan, The Mansfield. Ben planned the whole thing and I got to sit back and enjoy everything I dreamed of.

 Our first day we went straight to Washington Square Park and listened to the street performers play while we took artsy pictures and jumped off of sidewalk rails. We sailed on the subway trying our best to blend in and not act touristy--our goal for every trip is to act like a local. After strolling through times square, almost getting hit by a cyclist & taxis, eating some tasty food at an Irish pub, we headed back to our beloved Washington Square Park where we watched hippies perform Beetles classics.

Day two was fully booked with more subway expeditions, a classic tour of the MET, people-watching in Central Park, eating lots of hotdogs at those cute street stands, laughing at the naked cowboy, and loving every minute of it! We ate at the cheesiest place...Stardust--a place where Broadway wanna-be's serve tables & awkwardly sing to you. It was the most perfect day, and even though we made it busy we never stopped smiling. I know I might sound lame but it really lived up to the little girl fantasy I always had. We were so happy & in love--literally the picture of what New York represents to so many Americans!

Our third day was once again full of adventure. We got off to an early start and made our way to the Statue of Liberty. We didn't bother getting on the ferry because funds were tight so we looked at it from afar and laughed at the red necks that payed five bucks to get in a picture with the fake lady liberty who is really a creepy, probably smelly, old man. From there we booked it to one of my favorite places, the Brooklyn Bridge, & enjoyed the views. Later we went to China Town laughed at the crazy Asians trying to sell me fake Louis Vuitton purses, and from there bounced on over to Little Italy for some authentic Pizza at Sal's. We made our way back to Times Square, stood in a long line to get cheap Broadway tickets, & scored seats to my all time favorite--The Phantom of the Opera! We ate a delicious meal, watched a magical show, and kissed a lot!

On the last day we lazily drank cappicino, read books, and went to the Empire State Building! I literally dreamed of this building my whole life & I wanted nothing more than to go to the top with my love. Once we got up there it was a different story! I kind of have a height issue and being above the city threw me off a little bit. Ben held my hand and made me laugh at his corny jokes until I forgot we were so high. When I got over the height problem we began to read all the funny things people wrote all over walls (eg: Billy wuz here '99, Tina loves Kris 4ever).

Overall the trip changed my life. I seriously felt like was living in a movie and even when I look back on it four years later I still smile. I guess that's a sign of a good experience.

Go to New York if you've never been!

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