Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Daytripper Chronicles

This is day 1 one of The Daytripper Chronicles. I am starting a new thing where I take you on a trip through the moments of an average day in our life. Hopefully you'll get to know me & our city a little better...

1. Woke up to two barking & squealing dogs.

2. Ben was in his LAME Spanish class that he is forced to take because of a grad school requirement (SATURDAY CLASSS IS THE DEVIL).

3. I miss him in the morning.

4. Sam picked me up in her cute Honda Fit & we met Ashley for brunch at Please & Thank You.

5. Drank a Spanish Latte & ate a huge cinnamon roll while we talked about life & encouraged each other in our walks with the Lord. I told them about my BEE purchase! Yep I bought my BEES from a farmer named Mark! I pick them up in May & I can't hardly wait!

6. Talked to Sam about her adventure to Rainbow Blossom where she will buy aloe vera juice.

7. Got home--put those crazy pups outside.

8. Looked at Ben's birthday present online but got too nervous & didn't buy it. I am working on being a better gift giver its hard for me to make decisions.

9. Ben got home from class.

10. I greeted him outside with a BIG sloppy kiss.

11. Our chickens keep running away---ridiculous pets are driving me crazy. We clipped their wings for the second time. It was quite hilarious watching Ben chase them around the yard with a pair of scissors in his hand.

12. We drove to New Albany for the new Quill's grand opening. Ben ate granola & we drank 2$ Mieles.

13. While drinking coffee we ran into Kevin, our dear friend & the new owner of Billow--a cigar smoking shop.

14. We sat in Billow.

15. We shopped at a couple antique stores--they were over priced so we left.

16. We got home & the chickens were running around the neighborhood (I know shocking, right?) we corralled them back in the yard...everyone was safe & happy.

17. We were bored so we...well ya know...
I'm trying to keep this blog PG.

18. We finally got out of bed & took the dogs on a much needed walk.

19. On our walk we went to the Crescent Hill Trading Company--an awesome furniture thrift shop, I highly recommend it.

20. While at the cool thrift shop, Ryder decided to jump up on a wooden duck & bite its face-- he broke its wing & we quickly left.

21. We ran into our sweet neighbor & met her son & daughter-in-law! I just love that sweet woman (yep can't remember her name).

22. I rushed around frantically cleaning while Ben drank a 90 minute Dogfish IPA & wrote his paper for Theory.

23. Dinner with Thomas & Margaret at Taco Punk--a new hip taco joint that serves homemade tortillas & local fresh ingredients. The workers all have dreads & openly talk about needing their cig break. While making our tacos, one girl complained & said "Everyone called in because Van Halen is tonight--ughhh". We were definitely entertained.

24. Ben is meeting up with the guys, Henry, Adam, & Will (I think), to smoke cigars at Billow.

25. The girls are going to see The Vow--yep one giant cliche, I know.

26. We will probably end up at Four Pegs because that is our favorite place to go on a Saturday night.

Well there it is--The Daytripper Chronicles.

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