Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today I had the privilege of eating my first CHERIMOYA! My friend from work, Mike Tolfo, has an aunt that grows them in California & she sent him a big box full of the delicious fruit. I had never heard of this unique fruit so he brought me one to taste. It was so good! I sat with my coworkers, cut it in half, & we began to devour it. It has a custard texture & a sweet taste with a hint of pine. We were so curious about the Cherimoya that we furiously began to google it--we found that it is a fast-growing evergreen tree native to the mountains of Ecuador and Peru. It can reach thirty feet or more in height  and is deciduous from February through April. Cherimoya is also called custard apple or the ice cream fruit. Well--I'm weird & I decided to save the seeds, who knows maybe I'll try to grow my own   little Cherimoya tree inside.

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