Monday, February 13, 2012


The Roberson Roost is better than ever! Our 5 hens are laying everyday & the eggs are delicious. Ching-Ching is brooding right now so every chance she gets she will lay on all of the eggs. We even have golf balls in the coop to encourage a higher yield & she lays on those too in hopes that they will one day hatch. She's pretty nice about it when we snatch her eggs but occasionally I'll have to tap her with a stick to get her to move. Ben just picks her bottom up, takes the eggs, & leaves her beloved golf balls. She has sort of become antisocial because she is too busy BROODING.

Kola is still beautiful & loves when we take her for runs at the park.

Ryder is still hungry & always finds a way to open up the food bin & swipe an early dinner while I'm doing laundry. 
The Bungalow is happy.

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