Monday, January 16, 2012

Monster Monday: BATS

Just another day in the life...decided to throw in a quick load of laundry, I always do laundry naked which doesn't help my vulnerability much, and I kept seeing a shadow. I felt a little insecure and kind of creeped out but then I just assumed it was Ryder because he always watches me put the clothes in the wash. Then the shadow decided to move at rapid speeds so I looked up and there was a BAT flying towards my head! I panicked, frantically started flailing my body, and booked it up the stairs, screaming obscenities & forcing Ben to run down there & take care of the fast moving flying rat creature.
Ryder the Modernist

Kola the beauty
As for the other Monsters--they are doing splendidly! Ben was on a break from school for the holidays so we had the opportunity to spend lots of time together as one big happy family. We took the poochies on long walks as we dreamed about our future and what it will look like with Ben out of his masters. We found this amazing little trail right by our house that is alongside a creek and woods. The pups love it because they can run freely in and out of the water or jump up and over the cliffs. 

Ryder hasn't lost his appetite to eat everything in sight and Kola is still seeking an outdoor adventure every chance she gets.
the path
photo cred goes to ben
Family Christmas Photo--we are all looking in the same direction! Magical. 

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