Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Camping in July

REMEMBER WHENSDAY-Today I am remembering when Ben and I first got married we decided to take a little weekend trip down to Red River Gorge and do our first camping trip as a newly married couple. We had only been married a little over a month (July2007) and we just thought it was the greatest idea to get away and spend some time together in nature. I think this trip inspired something in us because after we did it we decided to really pursue outdoor adventures (backpacking through the smokies, glacier national park, skiing out west, europe, etc). Camping in July isn't always the best idea especially when you're going into a valley, I remember being so hot and laughing a lot. We had so much fun and made the best our of our circumstances. At that moment I was reminded why we chose to spend the rest of our lives together and I was so excited to start our new journey.  Wow I love him.

We look like babies!

 We are only 19 & 20 in these pictures! What a fun memory. 

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