Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Well...I'm officially 24. I've never been the type that gets excited for my birthday but this year was a good one. I got to celebrate all weekend with sweet friends & family. I felt encouraged. They just loved on me--a lot. 
The coolest thing about my birthday is that it is Sam & Margaret's too, that makes the celebrating so much more fun. 
sweet husband. 
Waiting for the birthday girl to arrive!

Hi Ad!
Pretty girl!

We surprised SAM! Happy Birthday sweet girl. 24.

Gosh...I Love Him.


Dark & Stormy

Happy Birthday
you make me happy


Before Dinner--He was stalling.

Everyone came to Volare!

Banner--compliments of Morg. Cute home--compliments of Chels. Cake--compliments of Ben & Cake Flour.

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