Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ryder: The Beekeeper.

I wake up everyday when I hear Arnold crow. I think it sounds like a scream. He must not like to wake up, I do though, so I howl a little bit, but only so Dad will wake up and come get us out.
First thing I do is check and see if Kola has any food pieces in the floor of her crate...she usually bites me but I don't care.
Next thing is to check and see if there are any food pieces on the floor. Usually there aren't any so I go outside to pee and to poop, but sometimes I can't poop until after breakfast.
When we go inside I check to make sure Mom's alive in the bed and I smell her eyes but she tells me to get out, so I go lick Dad's face while he puts on his shoes.
Then he feeds us...this is the best part of the day. I eat mine first and then finish Kola's when she's not looking. 
Most days we take a nap while Mom and Dad are at work.
When they get home I either watch dad do projects, bark at people and their dogs, chase Kola, sniff for food, or do my new favorite thing...beekeep.
Mom and Dad think they're beekeepers, but I check on the bees everyday, they only check once a week. I get stung sometimes,but I know they're just trying to hug me. Someday I think I'll get some honey and that's why I check on them, to see if they dripped any in the grass or anything.
Right now I feel like swimming, or eating pepperonis.
See ya.


Today's Letters said...

morning mols is def not alive in her biscuit. glad ryder checks on you to make sure you're still breathing.

Laura said...

Ryder's post makes me happy and mildly envious. Missing our weim (Ed) but hoping for a puppy soon. In the meanwhile, kitty $hauntay is taking up the beekeeping slack.

Molly Roberson said...

Laura! So sorry to hear about Ed. I am definitely excited to hear about the new puppy goodness. Yay for kitty keepers. I'm impressed.

MB said...

Lol I love the "but I know they're just trying to hug me" haha Those lovable bees...

Molly Roberson said...

MB!!! Love that you get it! Sweet Ryder--he loves the bees.

Mel Nichter said...

Reading this a week later...still laughing. Still loving it. I wish Ryder would talk to me all the time.