Friday, June 29, 2012


We made it to Alaska last night at 1:30am Louisville time, 9:30 here. 
From the airport in Anchorage we took off walking in the direction of a hostel I found on google, and within 200 yards a guy in an suv pulled up in front of us to give us a ride. I already love AK! 
I’m not judging, but the guy was smoking a cigar and smelled like vodka. 
That aside, he drove us to a hotel where we got a midnight meal and some local brew (Alaska Amber), and wished us luck. 
We finished our meal and walked about a half mile to Spenard Hostel, set up our tent, and slept like logs (after unzipping someone else’s tent…the lady that runs this place had said there would be a tent waiting for us…woops). 
So much for the “packing list” we forgot the tooth paste but luckily Mols found baking soda under the sink in the hostel (YUM). 
This morning we drank some coffee, packed up our stuff, took showers and are waiting on the owner so we can pay; apparently Alaska time is a lot like Africa time. 
Wish us luck getting to Homer today, we’ll either get a ride from someone (hopefully not yet intoxicated) or take the shuttle.
Cheers from the land of the midnight sun.


Ellie Kornexl said...

such great photos!

Meg said...

like into the wild, but with less drama and more companionship.

I'm not sure if I "know" you well enough to say this, and please only hear it as a friendly compliment, but your legs looks great in the pic, Molly.

Have fun carpe-ing the heck out of your diems.

Today's Letters said...

i agree with meg. and benj, love that you feed the bear coffee before she speaks. keep on truckin. can't wait to hear about 4-wheeling on the beach! love you both.