Wednesday, June 6, 2012

sweet carolina

over the weekend we took a little road trip to South Carolina.
it was perfect.
while on the road we stopped at FiveGuys & Ben had me laughing so hard ketchup was coming out of my nose
 it was only the beginning.
we needed a vacation together so bad.
woke up early and kayaked, after taking a short nap on a little inlet we paddled next to family of dolphins, it was magical. 
stayed at the dinner table until 1030pm because conversation was so good. 
 went to the beach, i got to watch ben in is element. he is the cutest beach dude I've ever seen. 
laid by the pool.
lots of big breakfasts.
ate at McCrady's.
coffee at Hope & Union.
walked and held hands.
so simple. so sweet.
i am thankful.  


ALFIE said...

these pictures. you took us there, girl. loved the kayak shots.

Molly Roberson said...

ALFIE! Thanks girl! We had the best time--I hadn't been to S.Carolina since 2008 & it was so great to go back.

Today's Letters said...

all i can think about is your sweet dad dancing. #toocute