Sunday, June 3, 2012


Five years ago I said "I Do" to the most amazing man.
We've done so much over the years:
 trips to New York
 Serving in Africa
 Backpacking Europe
Hiking on the AT
Climbing Mountains
Working, Saving, & Playing Hard.
Yesterday we tried to pinpoint our top five favorite memories we've made over the years & it was too hard to choose but here is what we came up with:
1. Watching Cedric sit on your shoulders in Zambia. You had your shoes off for the whole two weeks, he gave you ring worm & you didn't care.
2. Wandering around Florence & stumbling upon the quaint Italian Bistro. We ate so much & I laughed as you tried to talk in Italian to the server.
3. Our first Christmas morning together. I woke up & finally appreciated that ridiculous holiday. I knew I didn't want to spend another Christmas with anyone but you.
4. You held my hair back for me as I puked on the Spanish streets. You held me & cared for me so well.
5. Third night in the backcountry in Glacier--we were so cold, we ran out of food, but you still managed to make me cackle so hard my belly hurt. I love cold nights in a tent with you.
1. Watching you help make shima with the ladies in the Zambian kitchen. Your smile as Ford and the others did front flips off of that rock that was shaped like a pyramid.
2. The look on your face when I finally convinced you to jump off the cliff in Cinque Terra.
3. Those cigs--one a night--in Glacier that we shared. Your essential oils had spilled and they tasted like lavender.
4. Your sass after we got our bag stolen in Barcelona. You oscillated between wanting to bust some heads and wondering if whoever stole our stuff needed it more than us...I love that.
5. Waking up on June fourth 2007 to realize that I was set for life.


Today's Letters said...

you guys are so incredibly perfect for each other! your lists were amazing... #favoritepostyet

jaclyn journey said...

im smiling. this is presh.

Emily said...

Just started following along. I'm totally captivated and inspired. I think I've convinced my husband to move the family to Louisville ; )