Monday, May 7, 2012

so much goodness.

Ate lunch on the docks this week.
Celebrated Ben's graduation from his masters program (summa cum laude).
So many mulberries every where.
Went to the derby parade, heard Cyndi Lauper sing (Morg didn't care, we laughed a lot).
Celebrated Gracie's 12th birthday.
Ben went fly fishing in Georgia with his dudes (Habersham County). 
I spent the weekend with Bek.
We went with Henry & Morg to Garage Bar, ate yummy pizza, & laughed at all of the out of town visitors who were in Louisville for Derby.
We ate lots of bacon.
We ran on the anchorage trail.
We laid out on her trampoline & got some delicious vitamin D.
Obsessed over the supermoon.
I had the best vacation & I didn't even leave the city. 

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