Thursday, May 31, 2012


At the end of June we are going to Alaska.
After flying into Anchorage we plan on renting our first car (Ben is finally 25), and driving to Homer, where we’ll be tent-camping in Mike’s back yard (Mike is a friend of Bek's who is so well traveled that she knows people in Alaska--yep amazing). 
In Homer we plan to go looking for wildlife in Katchemak Bay, go to the beach, and hang out in town. 
After Homer we’ll go to Seward where we want to see whales and possibly go deep-sea fishing. 
From Seward we’ll head to a fly fishing spot on the Anchor river and its tributaries, hopefully finding a KOA or a cheap hotel to stay in along the way. 
After fishing for a day or two we’ll finish out the trip in Denali National Park on a three day backpacking trip,
 followed by a stay in whatever hotel Denali can boast. 
Nothing ever goes as planned but I'm ready for the next summer adventure in the mountains. 
I am so excited. 


ALFIE said...


been having big. fat. alaska dreams for about a year now. homer is THE place to go!

hoping to make it out there in 2013 for my 27th birthday!

you must read "tide, feather, snow". a memoir about a gal who up and moves to homer with her boyfriend. fab! AND it's on clearance on amazon (


Molly Roberson said...

ALFIE! That book sounds amazing! I'm so excited for our trip to AK. I can't wait to see whales & bears, go fishing, hiking, & see ridiculous amounts of stars. It'll be too good. I'm excited to hear about your travels. I hope you make it out there next year ;)