Tuesday, May 1, 2012


spring is here & we are happy. 
the pups love to run on the Path while I people watch & talk to fishermen. 
Emily sent me some rad music that I have been obsessively listening to(Kim Janssen). Thanks my girl!
made lavender soap with Bek.
making lots of compost tea out of my daily juice leftovers and coffee grounds.
made blackberry jam when I discovered all the wild blackberries in my freezer that I forgot about, Ben's grandparents graciously give them to me every year from there beautiful 5 acre plot. 
went to Bluegrass Burgers for the first time & it was AMAZING--so many local options.
Ryder is obsessed with Morg and it is hilarious.
Ben is finishing the fence & testing the power of the 4Runner to pull stumps out of the ground with its V8 beauty. 
It has been 4 weeks since the bicycle accident and I finally got back on the ole stick--it feels sooo gooood my friends!
went to the Sojourn women's retreat, camped with Morg in the Kelty 2-man tent, & played some awesome kickball.
the garden is doing great--had to prune my seedlings.
"there's a snake in my coop"--yep Ben smashed its head. 
the pups are cuter than ever--Ryder is officially an old man.
good things.


Today's Letters said...

love your lately. #sogood

Molly Roberson said...

me too--maybe because lately you've been in it? loving this new thing we've got going on.