Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Saturday Evening Post: Akiko's

The Saturday Evening Post was/is a bimonthly magazine that finds its roots in Benjamin Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette. As one of the nations first magazines, the Post surely reviewed things that magazines review--shows, restaurants, celebrity love triangles, etc.--and we hope to carry on with that sort of tradition, reviewing some icon of Louisville culture that we've experienced during the week. 

Akiko's: Akiko's, commonly referred to as Kinko's, is a Karaoke bar on the corner of Grinstead and Bardstown road. As the setting for both of our first experiences with Karaoke, it will forever live in our memories as a magical place, for all of these reasons:
1. It is very hot
2. Only three people seem to work there (Akiko herself, someone who is probably her son, and a young man from India or Bangledesh who DJs the actual Karaokeing and talks like a rapper.
3. The place is filled with any number of flamboyant types (men in sparkle shirts, bachelorette parties, rocky horror picture show singers) and stoic people-watchers (frat boys, groups of would-be rappers trying to decide if they are too cool to sing)
4. One of our friends (who wouldn't want his name in print) sat with a girl on stage as she sang "I'll make love to you," and loved every minute of it...even though he was determined to hate karaoke.
5.  Ben sang Wonderwall in all sincerity to Molly as the last song of the night.
6. There are black lights.
7. You can leave Akiko's, having sung two songs and consumed two drinks, for less than 10 dollars.
8. Everyone there sucks and it is the perfect place to cut your karaoke teeth/ get over your fear of the stage.
9. White people always sing either current hip-hop or 70s ballads and it is awesome.
10. The dance floor is always open but BEWARE! there are experienced gropers walking around...just ask Carol Anne.

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