Monday, July 25, 2011

Monster Monday: Kola

Name: Kola Bear Roberson
Birthday: 1/2/10
Breed: Adopted Mut- probably part Australian Shepherd/ Pit Bull Terrier...possibly Coyote

Story: We found Kola on while still living in our last apartment. Her litter was left on I-71 and was being called the "Cardboard Crew" because they were found in a box. In addition to being labeled like a 90s rap group, each pup was named after a character from FRIENDS...Kola, ironically, was named after the controlling, meticulous, if beautiful and lovable Monica (a name that would have fit, had we only known). We decided the situation was tragic, the name was dorky, and our apartment was a bit too empty, so we adopted her and named her "Kola," the Lakota word for "friend" and the Spanish word for "tail."

Hobbies: Sprinting at lightning speed in pursuit of fleeing squirrels, birds, or cats (always to no avail except for once); Laying under cars; Riding in cars with her nose in the wind and her mouth open; Eating bugs out of mid-air.

Pet-Peeves: Ryder's bad behavior (Punishments include bared teeth, throaty growls, biting of the perpetrator's back ankles); Vacuum cleaners; Yelling of any kind.

Favorite Foods: Cheese (except Gorgonzola), Kiwi (including the peel), and Beneful (all other dog food makes her throw up).

Sleeping Places: In her beloved Crate/Den, in front of an air vent, burrowed into the covers of a bed or sleeping bag with her head covered completely.

Nicknames: KoKo, Kola-Nut (only Paul), Kola-con-pooch

Quirks: Normally Kola smells like Cheerios but her neck smells like moth balls and gets crusty once a month, she could be trusted to babysit a newborn infant without worry of damage or danger.

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