Monday, August 20, 2012


road trip. wedding. chicago. community. ringos.
destination. train. walk. north. slevins. macchiato.
feet. ca. streets. sleeps. friends. el. ginos. love. leichhardts
intelligentsia. dog. grace. mel. bristol. dill butter. 
the best ships are friendships.


Chelsea Slevin said...

Wow. Probably one of my favorite posts of all time. This just made me so happy! Chicago was very good for us. I can't wait till we venture back there again! Thankful to have "ships" with all of you!

Rebecca Payne said...

this looks awesome. great photos, mols.

Today's Letters said...

loved your key words almost as much as your pics! more than leather leashes and dudes who whistle at hot chicks to hurry up.

Molly Kruger said...

These pics get me emotional! I love...per usu. <3

MB said...

I love this! Great pics. :)

Molly Roberson said...

WOWOW!!! Thanks sweet friends! I am eager to go back. I still need to eat at the Doughnut Vault & my taste buds are already asking for more Intelligentsia goodness.