Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Today as we shared a cup of coffee on the porch I was reminded of our time in Nice. 
After over 30 days of backpacking through Europe we finally made it to the French Riviera. 
Almost completely out of money we lived off of two loaves of bread, Nutella, & a bunch of apples for four days. 
We let the sun break our appetites as we laid on the beach laughing at all the speedos & free spirited Europeans. 
We spent our nights walking around the city and listening to old men play the accordion.
We walked along the promenade as the sun began to set and watched all the locals fish, roller blade, or run as if training for a triathlon. 
We would sit on the beach and share drinks laughing about the crazy adventure we had been on, 
telling stories about our past, and missing home with the comfort of a bed that was big enough for the both of us.


Anonymous said...

How do you plan/afford a trip like that? I'd like to sometime in the future, but I'm not sure how to begin.

Molly Roberson said...

hi! My sweet dude, benj, is the planner. He gets a trip set in his mind & does all the research he can to make it happen. As for affording it we don't really...our goal is to just get there. If that means we live off of pb&j for a week then so be it. We try to live as simply as we can while at home, growing our own food, riding bikes to work, & thrifting instead of buying new.
My best advice is to just go--money will work itself out.

Today's Letters said...

^^^ great advice molls. ps, loved this post. ship. stripes. two steeples. moobs. tree. cackle. bici basket. spinning reel. palm trees. #yes