Monday, September 30, 2013


Time spent with Bek is always an adventure. Whether we're romping around in the backcountry, playing 
in the river, or just hanging in her studio space, I am always encouraged by her. 
She challenges me to think outside of my box & she inspires me with her passion for making handmade goodies. 
Sweet Bek, keep doing what you're doing & thank you for always making me laugh while reminding me to enjoy the simple. 
ps-these photos are a glimpse of a short video I made to promote Bek's new venture. 


Georgia Christakis said...

for some reason, the term dura mater comes to mind when I see photos of you two with your kiddos. The world needs more strong women like you.

Anonymous said...

beautifully captured!

Rachel Weaver said...

These images are so serene and lovely. I guess I need some perfect, worn light denim in my life.

lizzy said...

so much light and depth of love and artistry captured in these photos. i love how you see the world.

Jenny said...

Well done! Very much enjoyed and best wishes to ALL!!