Sunday, August 11, 2013


His labor is a chant,

His idleness a tune;

Oh, for a bee's experience

Of clovers and of noon!


Emily J. Stivers - Oh Happy Roar said...

This is beautiful and inspirational! Thank you for capturing and sharing the beauty of God's creation in such a respectful and meaningful way! Absolutely lovely <3

Kristina said...

Molly, you are amazing! Every time you post a video I am once again amazed by your talent and creativity. Your ability to catch the beauty in the small things -which are more often than not the big things in life- takes my breath away!

Amanda said...

Beautiful. Simple, natural and just wonderful.

Meg said...

This move me makes me all a-buzz beecause it's so sweet.

Today's Letters said...

You wanna bee my best? So grateful for your friendship Molls! Don't deserve ya. More than babes in man dresses for sleeping and catching a 15" bow in the dark.

Molly Roberson said...

Emily- thanks sweet girl! Bees are the beeeest.

Kristina-your words are making me blush.

Amanda- natural things are my favorite. I love bees.

Meg- you're seriously so cool. I hope to hug your neck in real life someday.

Woobie- thanks for being the best easy chair of my life. Harvest honey with me today?