Friday, August 30, 2013


Life doesn't come easy and that's the reason we can be thankful.
When moments of grace and forgiveness come together we can truly look at our life through eyes of gratitude.
2013 has proven to be the best and hardest year of my life.
Ultimately the only one that will get all the honor. glory, & praise is our faithful Lord--Jesus Christ.

Lord, thank you for your kind mercy on my life. I don't deserve your goodness. I cherish you.
Ben, you are wanted, loved, and adored. Thank you for your patience.
Rowan, you are the greatest blessing of my life, thank you for the constant reminder that this life is not about me.


becca said...

look at your denim family! i can't even handle it. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Allie Rowe said...

these are so amazing. you look so happy! I love the one where you're psyched, and the boys have the same exact adorable/dead serious looks on their faces. Congrats :)

Kate Leichhardt said...

ahh my heart is so full! So much love for the Robersons and thankful for the goodness of the Lord's mercy and grace...and the gift of BABBBIESSS!

Emily J. Stivers - Oh Happy Roar said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Praise Him all creatures here below!

P.S. Baby Rowan in that cutest outfit? Too much sweetness! :-)

Anonymous said...

All that denim! Love!

P.S. I totally feel like I know you (even though I don't think we've officially met) through blogs and us Sojourners instagrams!

Jardzy said...


Today's Letters said...

thankful for new life found in both babes and restored marriages. you are the strongest woman i know. xo

Emily Naganashe said...

thank you for continually pointing back to the Lord; he will certainly fill, sustain and hold. blessings, my sweet sister.

Amber Campbell said...

"Lord, thank you for your kind mercy on my life. I don't deserve your goodness. I cherish you."

Sweet reminders. Thankful that you can see His mercy and goodness in your story. Reading this today reminded me to look for Him in mine - my past and for today. So good!

Rachel Weaver said...

What a lovely little squish you have. Adorable.