Friday, November 23, 2012



Thank you to the muted view
through a burlap curtain
out of the window by our bed
cedar trunks and the scitterings of squirrels

Thank You for the postcards
with quotes that I love
and candy left in 
the boots I always wear

Thank you Jesus
Thank you Wendell Berry
Thank you coconut oil popcorn
Thank you Red Sox fan on Frankfort Avenue
who always looks alarmed
who we see everyday on our walks

Thank you to the Earth for turning

Thank you Sojourn
aliens and trespassers
in a foreign land

Thank you past
you were our constant companion
you are done

Thank you future
Thank you new heartbeat
You're welcome.


Britt T said...


Haleigh Briggs said...

Molly, HOME GURL, where is that skirt from? Cause this one is obsessed. Sounds like y'all have alot to be dang thankful for this holiday season!

Today's Letters said...

love this post. so thankful for you sweet friend! #frys