Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Self Portrait

Over the past year I've had the privilege of getting to know Kate.  
I am inspired by her & her amazing ability to bake unique foods by using rare & local ingredients.  
She is an amazing photographer with her sweet husband Lang, they have the warmest & most
welcoming home, & I am encouraged by their love for the Lord. 
She's seriously so amazing! 
Kate Leichhardt
Age 25
Chicago, IL
What is your favorite childhood memory?
I become particularly nostalgic this time of year, so surprisingly this is somewhat easy to answer. My family isn’t very big on traditional gift giving (presents stacked under the tree, gifts from Santa etc…); instead we would always get one or two gifts from my parents and anxiously wait for December 26th. On that day, we always stopped at the Barnes & Noble in Gurnee for the West family free-for-all. We could pick out whatever books we wanted with the approval of my parents. We would spend hours there—perusing every aisle, sharing our finds with one another, deciding which Klutz craft book to buy and squeezing into an overstuffed armchair with my brother to begin our read. When Jonny and I felt ready, we would then begin our search above the rows of books for dad’s head. Upon finding him, we’d have a quick conference regarding our selections and then check out. The next few hours in the car were always silent—nestled into our books, getting lost in the words on the page.
If you were an animal what would you be?
A large dog that belongs to a loving and outgoing family. Dogs in those types of situations have it made.
What is your favorite childhood memory of your dad?
The one I can’t stop thinking about dates back to when I was in 2nd grade. I went through a phase where I would wake up around 1:00AM and freak out about being the only person awake on the earth except for the people in China—and that was simply too far. Second grade logic can be both freeing and dooming. I would pace up and down my 12 x 12 bedroom holding my guinea pig, Velvet. She had a soft nose.
Never longer than 15 minutes, my dad would wake up and find me in my room. In order to get me out of my anxious state, he would put me to work. The first couple nights I remember being assigned to re-organize junk drawers and the hall closet and then moved onto mopping flours and sweeping the patio. My dad would sit on the couch and read. I would eventually come and tell him that I was ready to go back to sleep and he would tuck me in. It only lasted a couple weeks. Apparently it worked.
What are you obsessed with?
My husband. The past three months have been incredible. I love the freedom that exists in marriage and stretching and learning that takes place. Lang is so fun, outgoing, encouraging and loving—not to mention he’s been given this incredible gift and is a mad-talented photographer. He’s the best. So thankful he’s my husband.
Most poignant goal for the next five years?
To listen well. I want to truly hear and digest.
What is your favorite item of clothing?
My husband has labeled my style as “Grandma chic” and I take pride in that. My answer is also a prime example of that look. I have a bomb-dot-com gray cardigan with incredible pockets for fun things like paperclips and almonds.
If you could stop only one injustice what would it be?
Child abuse. There is none more innocent than a child and none more deserving of guidance and love.
If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Don’t chalk up a “lame point,” but I would say Louisville. After living nowhere longer than 3 years since middle school, I long for a home base. All my family is near and I love the idea of having a hometown. I hope Louisville becomes that.
What is your favorite thing to chew?
I would say gum because I chew it most frequently, but I most enjoy chewing a stick of venison jerky—preferable shot by my best friend, Slim Shady. She a babe and a hunter. Chew on that.
If you could only do one thing every day for the rest of your life what would it be?
Cook for people. There is a matchless fellowship that takes place over a shared meal. It’s truly beautiful.
What is your manifesto?
You’re made for more.
When you think of adventure what comes to mind?
Being lost and putting forth a great effort to find your bearings.

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