Monday, September 12, 2011

Monster Monday: WeimaRyder

Ryder in the pool.

You might hear me complaining about how Ryder, my 95 pound Weimaraner sits on my face every morning until I wake up & pry him off of me. He's probably the biggest trouble maker you'd ever meet but his eyes still make me melt. I know he's "just a dog" but he's my dog and I seriously am happier because he's in my life. If he's not eating my freshly baked cupcakes, he's opening the lid to the toilet for an extra swig of water. He snuggles and lays on my body until I go numb. He has zero proximity issues and choses to remind me of that every chance he gets. I'll have a massive pup breathing on my face until I tell him otherwise. He jumps on my ivory comforter with his muddy paws. He eats snacks like there the last piece of food he'll ever see, smell, touch, taste...
I don't know--I guess I'm just obsessed.
Ryder in Ben's old t-shirt.
Weimaraners are the coolest dogs ever! Enjoy...

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alone in a sea of many faces said...

Ryder is beautiful... My son and I stumbled upon your pictures somehow through Pinterest and being a Wiem owner myself, fell in love with Ryder. My dogs name is Baylor and I agree they are wonderful!! He makes my life complete! No matter what, I will always have one in my life:) enjoyed your pics!!